Dr. Ani Rostomyan

Board-Certified Clinical Pharmacist | Holistic Health Coach

Helping you channel your full potential to achieve better health.

“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.” – Astrid Alauda

My Story

As a Board-Certified Clinical Pharmacist Holistic Health Coach, I thrive in the health and wellness space to guide others to achieve their goals.

My philosophy encompasses that holistic medicine is the essential root cause switch of chronic diseases.

With more than a decade of empathy work experience, I feel your pain and confusion. Together I have pointed hundreds of patients to take control of their diabetes by choosing healthier foods, lifestyle choices, and incorporating a mindful, holistic guilt-free nutritional approach.

My Values & Beliefs

Food is truly a Medicine.

Prevention is critical.

Health-filled longevity is a reality.

My Approach

Extensive expertise across healthcare channels supports the deeper look for root causes, how medications work, and understanding the bigger picture.

On a personal note, my Father died from diabetes-related complications, suffering a stroke at the age of 69. Since then, I am drawn to seek knowledge and resources to comfort and facilitate others.

My realization is that medications alone are not the only answer. Therefore, I incorporated nutrition counseling and behavioral modifications in my practice. To date helping over 200 patients eat better, improve their blood sugars, take fewer medications, and lose weight.

Are you ready to live a toxin-free, energized, healthy life?

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