Pharmacogenomics Consulting Services

Pharmacogenomics Consulting Services

As a certified Pharmacogenomics Pharmacist, I offer Pharmacogenomics consulting services, which is a test performed to check whether your medications are chosen correctly according your genetic profile.
Pharmacogenetics helps your health care professional to choose the right drug dosed precisely for you

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The Problem

Many patients I’ve have worked with, have tried and failed several medications until they finally found the right medication that works for them and their genes.

The Solution

The good news is,

You do not have to go through the months of trial and error, especially when it comes to psychiatric medications.
As a Pharmacogenomics Certified pharmacist, I provide with your unique genetic makeup report of and walk you through your report step by step.

The test is quick, easy and hassle free, and takes only 30 seconds to collect a sample!

The information is kept private and secure!


The benefit of Pharmacogenetic testing helps your doctor to

  • Improve the medical decision-making
  • Tailor the best therapy, based on your genotype
  • Avoid using medications that will not work for you
  • Avoid medications that could be potentially toxic for you

As a result, your treatment regimen is personalized to you, you will be more compliant to your medication regimen, will experience less side effects and have better results with your disease management.

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