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Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path to a Healthier Version of You!

Health Coaching

The bridge that takes you from wanting something to actually achieving it

Goal Setting

Set bigger goals, take smart action!

Intuitive and Mindful Nutrition Coaching

Eat well, live well!

Stress Management

Manage stress, before it manages you!

Why Work With Me…

I listen, hear you, cheer and encourage you. Together we find motivation, weekly steps, and resources. Not all health coaches are the same; look for credentials, knowledge, and expertise as prevention is the first step in the health transformation journey. 

Why I Do It

Empowering individuals to feel in charge of their health is my passion. 

How We Do It – The Process

As your personal Health Advisor, we identify areas, create an action plan, execute, and establish a preferred one-to-one communication method for accountability check-ins. We move forward step-by-step, with the understandable back peddling to revise and create anew to create healthy habits, not restrictions. Register today and discover a healthier you!

1. Who is a Health Coach?
Health Coach helps and motivates you to excel in achieving your health goals, just the same way sports coach helps athletes master sports and become better.
Health Coach educates you on healthy and sustainable behavior, by creating an individualized plan that fits your needs.
A pharmacist health coach like me is a double bonus since I get years and years of education and training on disease management and have extensive knowledge about Chronic diseases and much more!
2. How is your method different from other Health Coaches?
As a Clinical Pharmacist, throughout the years I have helped countless patients achieve and sustain excellent results in managing their chronic diseases by changing their health behaviors along with taking medications as prescribed.
I incorporate mindfulness meditation exercises and a guilt-free approach to nutrition, utilizing food as medicine and not using restrictive point of view to meal planning.
I don’t use the word Diet, instead, we call it “meal planning” and personalize it to each client’s needs and abilities!
3. How is Health Coaching different from consulting or therapy?
Health coaching is not psychotherapy,  medical advice, or diagnosing the disease!
Clients reach out to health coaches when they need a change in their health behavior but don’t know how to do it!
If a Health coach identifies a deeper issue or sign of an unmanaged disease, the client gets ‘referred out” to the appropriate specialist.
4. How do I know that I need Health Coaching?
If you are tired of trying various meal plans, quick-fix diets, weight loss supplements, fitness methods, online tutorials but haven’t achieved long-lasting results, health coaching may be right for you!
I coach clients to gain a guilt-free mindset about nutrition and make mindful food choices, Diets never work because they are not personalized and are not designed to meet your personal needs!
Mindset is everything! When you ask yourself a question whether the change MUST happen and you are ready for it, that’s when you can make the CHANGE!
5. Why not using my doctor?
Doctors diagnose and treat diseases, and oftentimes don’t have enough time to spend on health coaching. Health coaches bridge the gap in the health care system by teaching clients how to stay well and motivated.
Health coaches also help the patient to go through the process of self-discovery and find deeper causes of unhealthy behavior
In other words, the Doctor prescribes medications and treats acute conditions, but your health coach empowers you to gain confidence and motivation in taking charge of your own health!
6. Is online Coaching efficient?
Absolutely Yes! There is strong published evidence in reputable Medical Journals showing that virtual or online coaching is very efficient and convenient just as face to face coaching!
Online coaching connects people around the Globe, gives them resources using technology, and fits your busy work and life schedule!
7. Why choosing a Pharmacist as a Health Coach?
Pharmacists like me have wealth of knowledge about many diseases, how medications work, and how to incorporate nutrition and mindset control in helping clients achieve their health goals!
I have extensive training in motivational interviewing and strategizing how to safely guide you to change your health behavior and achieve greater health!
8. Who do you not coach?
Health Coaching is not for everyone!
I don’t coach clients with severe health issues that need immediate medical attention, anyone who has body image or an eating disorder, people who are not motivated to make the change in improving their health!
Health Coaches also do not provide medical advice, diagnose a disease or prescribe medications!
9. Why not Dietitian or Personal Trainer?
Dietitians and Personal trainers are experts in their field, but they may not have the extensive knowledge and training in managing a disease like Pharmacists.
Health coaches like me have a deeper knowledge of utilizing food as medicine, empower you to change health behavior, and motivate you to make long-lasting changes in your health and sustain it!
Health Coaches motivate you to take ACTION!, by special methods, that help you find motivation from within!
10. Is Health Coaching costly?
I get this question asked quite frequently!
Health coaches with higher expertise have higher fees, but they offer better results that last a lifetime!
Millions of people die each year from preventable diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, etc.
My belief is prevention is the key and it’s easier to prevent the disease than a treat!

Coaching Packages

Comprehensive Medication Review

1 hour review of your medications and supplements, explanation of their use, check for drug-drug or drug-food interactions, creation of personalized daily medication regimen to help you take the medications. 


Basic Package

4 weeks length, includes once a week 1:1 30 minute Private Coaching Calls (4 Coaching sessions total), Accountability Throughout the whole time, once a week email follow up and support.



Signature Package

8 weeks length, includes once a week 1:1 45 minute Private Coaching Calls (8 Coaching sessions total), Accountability support, unlimited email access and support, Private FB Group access for enrolled clients.



Supreme Package

12 weeks length, includes
once a week 1:1 60 minute
Private Coaching Calls ( 12 coaching sessions total),
unlimited email support
and accountability,
Private FB Group access
for enrolled Clients.



About Me

As a Board-Certified Clinical Pharmacist Holistic Health CoachI thrive in the health and wellness space to guide others to achieve their goals. 


My philosophy encompasses that holistic medicine is the essential root cause switch 

of chronic diseases.


Food is truly a Medicine

Prevention is critical

Health-filled longevity is a reality.


“Hi Ani , I was so overwhelmed, exhausted and confused. Even though I advice all people to take care of themselves I have never done that for myself. After taking to you and your coaching Services, I recognize how I lost myself while I was busy to care about others.

I understand that everyone has needs but if I’m not around who will take care of them?  Now I put a little bit time for myself to enjoy my own life. I recognize that I sacrificed myself to make people happy. But after my eye openings I promise myself to take care of myself. I cut about 8 hours of extra work for others. I make  straight announcements now for my work rules and regulations. I speak up for my own needs. I’m mindful to my own health and nutrition
Words can’t explain how much I appreciate your time and positive advices Ani.”

“Hi Ani, I’m doing so much better. 
I’m focusing on eating healthy and low carb without any bread or pasta. I’m doing your food log. I started taking vitamins such as zinc, vitamin D, and magnesium. Walking 30 minutes and trying to drink at least 8 cups of water a day. I’m trying to be calm with my 16-year-old daughter and follow all your given advice. Thank you so much Ani for everything, you’re the best! I don’t know what would I have done without you. May God bless you and your beautiful family!”

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